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Sharepoint – an Essential Platform to Boost Efficiency and Collaboration for SMBs

At the core of every business is effective communication. Every business has its challenges with team communication – but just how damaging can poor communication be to your productivity and success as a small to medium-sized business (SMB)? An article about the cost of poor communication within businesses highlighted that even minimal poor communication in […]

8 key ways Business Owners and Leaders can get more out of their IT investment

IT is an investment like any other, and this means that business owners and leaders need to do their utmost to optimise this investment.  But, how exactly is this achieved? Take a look at our 8 key ways for businesses to maximise the return on their IT investment.  1. Adopt a culture of communication and collaboration  IT has to provide support for the productivity and […]
14 Reasons to go Cloud Today

14 Reasons to go Cloud Today!

Millions of businesses around the world have already moved to the Cloud – so why have they made that decision? Here’s 14 of the top reasons businesses have move to the Cloud: Cost Reduction: Less Office Space required for servers, reduced cost of using applications in the cloud. Meet the demands of the business: Extra capacity […]