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Lindentech first took over IT for Rangelands NRM in April, 2013; back then IT for Rangelands was supplied by multiple suppliers which was resulting in gaps in support. Lindentech’s first project was to migrate Rangelands’ email off to Office365 from an end of life server hosted at a datacentre. This migration to cloud was executed very professionally and helped Rangelands with the first step toward better collaboration for the disbursed offices around the state. Being a not for profit it is important that Rangelands maintain a balance between implementing latest technology and IT spend. Lindentech helped us take advantage of Microsoft’s not for profit programmes to ensure IT running costs are kept to a minimum. More recently Lindentech implemented SharePoint which has provided a more effective document management system which will be able to grow with us.

Lindentech helped Rangelands move toward the next generation technology and brought direction to our IT. Lindentech are now managing all our IT systems and have delivered a consistent level of customer service throughout the years.