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Cloud accounting can revolutionise your business

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Cloud computing has been gaining popularity in the business sector over the past few years because it allows companies to use the power of the cloud to achieve their goals, while reducing the cost and risk of running their own IT infrastructure.

It is revolutionising the way we do business by providing a scalable and flexible platform for companies. With cloud computing, businesses can increase their productivity and efficiency as they are able to focus on what they do best – creating innovative ideas and generating new content which will keep customers engaged with them.

Cloud computing is also changing how we work together in teams. The ability for employees to work remotely and collaborate with other team members on projects has been made possible by cloud-based services.

It is clear that the cloud has a lot to offer businesses, but the benefits don’t just stop at better scalability, improved collaboration, and increased productivity. Cloud computing has opened a world of opportunity for businesses looking to better manage different areas of their business with cloud-based services, and among them is cloud accounting.

Cloud accounting explained

Cloud accounting is a type of cloud-based accounting software that provides a platform for businesses to manage their finances. This includes the ability to view data from anywhere, manage expenses, and track income in real-time.

The benefits of cloud accounting are numerous. It is more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. It helps companies reduce their carbon footprint by using less paper and computer resources. It provides transparency on finances and makes it easy to keep track of money without having to worry about keeping up with paper receipts or manually entering data into spreadsheets. Cloud accounting also allows for seamless access to information on mobile devices, which is helpful when you’re on the go or trying to connect with clients remotely.

As an accounting solution, cloud-based accounting is everything businesses need and more, but here’s how it is so much more beneficial than traditional accountancy and bookkeeping:


Cloud accounting software is more accessible than traditional accounting solutions, and this is definitely a pro as we shift into a new way of working. With the rise of remote and hybrid working models, employees are able to perform their jobs from anywhere they want. However, this makes it difficult for employees to access financial data without a lot of effort.

Cloud accounting software has been developed to make this process easier by making financial data available in the cloud and providing mobile apps that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

With the help of cloud accounting software, businesses can be more flexible and responsive to changes in their business. This is because it is easier to access and use cloud-based software compared to traditional accounting software. It also provides a wider range of features and functionality that are needed in the modern-day business world.


Cloud accounting is a better option for businesses that need more scalability because cloud-based software can easily be scaled up or down to suit the business’s needs.

In the past, as a business grew, new and more comprehensive solutions were needed when it came to the accounting department, but with a cloud accounting solution, this is a thing of the past. Cloud accounting software allows you to adapt and model the system with third-party apps and integrations, so you are always getting the service and functionality from the platform that your business requires.


Security is a big part of business today, so ensuring every part of your digital environment has adequate security is a must. Conventional business accounting systems can be problematic regarding security because backup systems can have multiple versions of the same file, so storage can be costly. It is also much easier for data to be lost and impossible for lost data to be recovered.

Cloud storage systems, however, are secure and constantly backed up, and no data can be easily lost. This is because cloud systems are not stored on hardware owned by the user. Cloud systems are also more cost-effective because they do not rely on locally stored backup data.

Centralisation & Sharing

One of the most important benefits of cloud accounting systems is the centralisation and sharing capabilities. This means that it is easier for workers to share data with each other in real time without having to worry about their files being corrupted or lost. This also provides better security for your company’s sensitive information as it is not stored on one machine or computer.

Efficiency & Accuracy

Human error is a factor that can be found in many different industries, and accounting is no exception. The problem is that human error can often lead to serious consequences such as financial losses and legal implications, which could be detrimental to your business.

Cloud accounting software is an example of how technology has been able to make the accounting process more efficient and accurate as it eliminates redundant tasks such as data entry and manual accounting and, therefore, reduces the risk of human error and saves time. This means that businesses no longer have to spend hours on tasks that can be done in minutes with cloud accounting software, and the results are more accurate.

Third-party Integrations

With cloud accounting software, you can easily integrate other critical tools from your digital environment, making your accounting tools part of a more expansive program network. This makes running other aspects of your business a breeze. Your accounting system, for instance, could be connected to your inventory software, your cash flow forecast, or your sales reporting software, which allows you to streamline your workflows while saving time and money.

If you’re a business owner that wants to effectively grow your business without having to worry about whether your accounting solutions can grow with you, then it’s time to make the switch to cloud accounting today. Contact the cloud consulting experts at Lindentech to ensure your cloud accounting transition happens without a hitch.


  • March 5, 2022


    Cloud computing is the best thing since sliced toast or so I think. What used to take me an hour or two will now take anywhere from 3 minutes to 30 seconds! If that’s not incredible I don’t know what is?! Things I would have had to search for or research for an hour or more are no at my fingertips. I have access to all the files in one place, can work in the same document as 10 other people and there are backups that protect the business against any potential harm like hacking or database corruption.

  • March 9, 2022


    It seems like cloud computing and cloud accounting are a must for most if not all businesses right now. You can work remotely with team members across the globe, all data is available to anyone, at any time and it is well protected against attacks or potential problems. Our business has changed considerably ever since we adopted CC and CA and things are only getting better, faster and easier.

  • March 13, 2022


    Third-party apps and software are so much easier integrated nowadays and everything can work as a fine oiled system. Productivity has gone up, stress goes down as all files are backed up daily (or hourly) and it’s more efficient to work using cloud computing.

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