8 key ways Business Owners and Leaders can get more out of their IT investment

8 key ways Business Owners and Leaders can get more out of their IT investment - Robotic process automation

IT is an investment like any other, and this means that business owners and leaders need to do their utmost to optimise this investment. 

But, how exactly is this achieved? Take a look at our 8 key ways for businesses to maximise the return on their IT investment. 

1. Adopt a culture of communication and collaboration 

IT has to provide support for the productivity and effectiveness of your entire team. Even if your team is a relatively small and intimate one, it is a bad idea to make assumptions about what each role needs in terms of support. What’s the answer? Reach out, open up the floor, democratise the process. Ideas and feedback from all levels are key resources; make sure you are tapping into this. 

2. Take full advantage of functionality 

Modern IT solutions are powerful things and feature extensive functionality that can really benefit your business. However, all too often, business owners are not getting the most out of these solutions. When you adopt a new tool, platform, or other solution – whether hardware or software-based – take the time to get to know what it can really do, and then make sure to educate your team on this. 

3. View IT as a strategic investment 

Expert IT support is not merely a functional necessity to keep your systems running – it is a strategic advantage that you need to leverage. Change your mindset and make your investment go further by developing a winning action plan going forward. Remember, your business is not static – it is growing and evolving – and the same applies to your IT needs. 

4. Bring an IT partner onside 

Handling IT support duties yourself might seem like a way to cut costs and therefore a way to help you get the most from the money you put in, but, in reality, the opposite is true. Overseeing IT puts great stress on a business, particularly when resources are already thinly spread to begin with. What’s more, it’s important to keep in mind the previous point: choosing the right outsourced IT partner is a strategic investment and one that will help you leverage the best rewards going forward. 

5. Make backups a key daily practice 

Your business relies on data. Make sure you are backing up this data with robust, secure, and remotely accessible cloud solutions on a regular basis. Ensure that all of your team members understand the importance of this. 

6. Be smart when it comes to procurement 

The hardware and software solutions you opt to use are critical to how well your IT infrastructure performs. Take your time to research this. Remember, if the cost of a solution seems too good to be true, it probably is, and you will struggle to get the best results from budget options. However, just because a solution is the most expensive does not necessarily make it the best. 

7. Take the right approach to digital transformation 

Digital transformation is a hot topic at the moment, and businesses are tripping over themselves to phase out legacy architecture in favour of digital alternatives. However, it is important to stop and think about this. How will an abrupt shift away from your current architecture impact your business? How can you minimise downtime while putting in place the right solutions going forward? Answer these questions before forging ahead with your own digital transformation. 

8. Ensure that security is a priority 

Last but certainly not least: security. You simply cannot afford to fall victim to a cyber-attack or data breach, and this is the bottom line. Be sure to consistently assess and appraise your security procedures and protocols to make sure you are 100% protected, 100% of the time. 

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