A new Phishing email doing the rounds

Wow! These Phishing emails are getting VERY believable!

A few of our clients have been receiving this email impersonating Microsoft. It looks legit when you open it, and even when you click the “re-authenticate now” link, the page you are re-directed to looks very authentic, EXCEPT if you have a look in the address bar you actually have been re-directed to a site that is not Microsoft. Also note that you are advised that the web page is “Not secure”. (Refer image below)

Another warning sign is that there are ‘full-stops’ in the middle of the words Micros.oft and Re.ad in the original email.

If you see one of these emails delete it immediately and advise other people in your organisation to do the same thing. If you are still unsure about any attachments or emails, please forward them to Support@lindentech.com.au so we can scan them before you open them.