Unusual Technological Products


There have been a few futuristic and somewhat questionable inventions created by Google, Apple and Samsung. See below for a selection of the strangest.

Germ Killer

Microsoft filed a patent in 2011 for automatic smartphone disinfectant which used a UV light to disinfect surfaces.

Sony’s Smart Wig

Sony has developed a smart wig that connects to your smartphone and vibrates when you receive a call. Just in case you want an additional way in which you are alerted to a phone call.

Microphone Tattoo

If you find holding your phone to your ear while you chat a nuisance Motorola filed a patent for a throat tattoo microphone. If you are willing to use one of course.

Google’s Eye Implant

Google designed an eye implant that sits on the surface of your iris bringing the smartphone menu right onto the eye itself.

Wink, Wave and Unlock

Apple has developed technology where a click of your finger to your ear will answer a call or waving up and down can change the volume. We could even unlock it by giving a wink or a smile.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/inventions/google-apple-and-samsung-are-have-had-some-ideas-for-chilling-technology-products/news-story/aad6858d410ea6b950752124370a0063