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Jawid Dadarkar – Managing Director

Jawid has spent the last 10 years building a successful career as a technical engineer. He started his career as support desk engineer at Westnet in 2005 and quickly moved on to become a senior engineer, then accepted a position in London working as an implementation engineer. During his time in London from 2007 he completed various enterprise level projects around the world; New York City and various parts of Europe before coming back to Australia to start a franchised IT company with Conosco. He then merged his clients with Lindentech in 2012 and took the challenging position of Managing Director.

Richard Thomson - Operations Manager

Richard is a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual who succeeds in anything that he chooses to do. At an early age he moved to London to travel and worked there while he was studying. He soon came to Australia to pursue his studies further by enrolling in Bachelor of Computer and Network Security. After completing his degree he secured an internship with CommonWealth bank, which was a terrific way to begin his IT career as it gave him great insight into enterprise IT environments. He then moved to a full time job with Epic IT as a Support Engineer before being offered a position at Lindentech. Since he started he has used his knowledge to improve internal systems and pass on his enthusiasm to the younger engineers. He prides himself on a high level of customer service and always maintains a good relationship with all clients.

Glyn Wilks – Network Engineer

Glyn (Pronounced Glen) has recently changed careers from sales to IT. He is an extremely motivated individual who thrives on challenges. Even though he has recently started his career in IT, he brings a wealth of experience from his last role and continues to learn at a rapid pace.

Glyn has passed various IT qualifications and continues to increase his knowledge via Microsoft and Cisco exams. His great work attitude (and his hipster beard) will see him through a great career.

Iain Thomson – Network Engineer

Iain started off his IT interests in Zimbabwe. He studied various IT subjects before securing his first job as an IT Assistant at Telethon Speech and Hearing. Simultaneously, he decided to do his Bachelors of Computer and Network Security at Edith Cowan University. He quickly obtained a position at Lindentech as a Support Analyst while he finished the last year of university. Iain since hasn’t stopped learning and has ensured he  kept up with the latest trends and technologies by doing Microsoft exams and continues to have a successful career at Lindentech.

Reg King - Support Engineer

Reg has made a promising start to his IT career after doing various certificates at West Coast Institute of Training. After graduation, the college saw the potential in him and hired him as a Desktop Support Analyst. Last year he started with Lindentech and quickly became an important part of the team. He is continuing develop his career further by passing industry specific exams.

Courtney Cowling – Support Engineer

Courtney is a university graduate. From her resume, it seems like she has done it all! She is a keen archer who competes at a professional level and has chosen IT as her career path. She has great determination and does everything with passion.

Courtney grew up on a farm and began her working career as a receptionist when she was 14! She continued to do various part time jobs during her schooling and university studies and recently graduated from Curtin and acquired her Bachelor of Technology in Computer Systems and Networking. Her competitive nature and strong work ethic will see her through a great career at Lindentech.

Brody Thiel – Support Engineer

Brody Thiel is the second university graduate Lindentech have employed. Brody joined us only recently after having completed his Bachelor of Technology: Computer Systems and Networking degree. Brody came highly recommended by Courtney; who joined us in 2016 also as a graduate.

Brody shows tremendous promise with his ability through formal study and his past work experience. After seeing his efforts and dedication to his studies, Brody’s university enlisted him to become a senior learning facilitator, and was a part of the University disability mentoring program. He has built good customer experience foundations through his various other roles in the past. He is not only dedicated to his studies, but also his gym routine. We look forward to working with Brody’s enthusiasm and commitment in many years to come.

Christine Klemp - Administration

Lindentech’s accounts team member, Christine has in excess of 10 years’ experience in financial administration having held roles of executive assistant, company secretary and accounts receivable.

Christine has worked in the fields of IT, Accounting Partnership, Property Development and Investment in a variety of locations including Brisbane, Perth and London. Christine has completed multiple in-service training courses covering book keeping practises, Xero advanced user and MYOB advanced user and holds a Bachelor of Arts.

Leah Helean - Administration

Leah is an enthusiastic member of our team working in a part time capacity in administration and marketing support whilst juggling the role of a busy mum of two young boys. Leah has a background in teaching, fashion design, direct selling and marketing. She worked in Los Angeles, Sydney and Queensland prior to returning to Perth to have a family.

Leah is also an experienced Milliner and in her spare time she adorns the heads of Perth best dressed women for weddings and racing events such as the Melbourne Cup.


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