Why Apple wants your old iPhone


Apple has divulged its future for all its products and it is amazing. It’s 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report details its plans to manufacture all its products with 100% renewable or recyclable materials.

Apple wants to form a ‘closed loop supply chain’ for aluminum, copper, tin and tungsten with hopes to stop mining the earth altogether.

Since 2016 Apple has been using its recycling robot to extract recyclable materials from iPhones. In addition to this Apple’s new headquarters uses 100% renewable energy for solar, hydro and wind sources. Apple also claims 99% of its packaging comes from materials sourced from protected sustainable forests.

This is a win for the environment!

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Gadgets of the Month.


Fingerprints will be our most vital tool for security with Mastercard now having unveiled a new bio-metric payment security system. With this technology, fingerprints will now be used to confirm identity upon payment of good/services bought.

Otomos, a Japanese designed iPhone case that automatically shuts down your iPhone when you have been using it for too long is now on the market. Although we think we may be able to exercise self-control in regards to phone usage this gadget obviously serves to instill strict boundaries.

Cameras have come leaps and bounds in design and convenience to combat competition from smart phones. They are light weight and easy to use and pose the benefit of not having to worry about battery issues and pesky storage reminders.

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Flying Cars to become a Reality.

Flying Cars

It looks unimaginable or simply the work of science fiction but flying cars could be a reality as soon as next year. Two prototypes were trialed on Thursday on the French Riviera at an event in Monaco. Both the Dutch and Slovak companies unveiled their designs at this ‘super cars’ event.

The Slovak design is six meters long and with a fully deployed span of nine meters. It is ‘normal’ four-wheel car which can unfold its wings to transform itself into a plane. This plane can carry two passengers.

The Dutch design is more compact at four meters long. This car/plane can also carry two people with designers calling it the safest plane on the planet and able to fly in any weather conditions.

The hefty price tag these designs come with means that you won’t see these flying around your local street just yet. However, it is an exciting development nonetheless.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/flying-cars-take-off-on-french-riviera-for-monaco-supercar-show/news-story/4daafbc1389c53e608a92d0e74906acb

Ford Develops a ‘Smart Cot’.

Baby Cot

Ford has developed a ‘smart cot’ which simulates the motion, sound and lighting of a regular car ride providing relief and ease of sleep for infants.

Titled the Max Motor Dreams the cot connects to a smartphone app that records the sound and motion from your baby’s favorite trip.

This handy technological advancement was developed after numerous discussions with parents desperate for a good night’s sleep.

Ford are considering a ‘full scale production’ and we think parents will be lined up around the corner for this one!

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/inventions/ford-develops-smart-cot-that-simulates-car-rides-to-drive-babies-to-sleep-faster/news-story/894c92ba3933f204d439167924db9dd1

Controversial internet reforms are potentially coming to Australia.

Website Article

Jodie Sangster is the CEO of the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising. She is calling for Australia to follow in the footsteps of America by enacting a controversial internet reform that would see ISP’s selling customers’ browsing history without their knowledge.

The US passed legislation last week preventing ISP’s from needing to seek customer permission before accessing and selling off their customer’s internet history data.

Jodie has called to follow behind America to stop Australia lagging in innovation in the digital economy and promoting a data driven economy. However, this stands in contrast to Europe who has only strengthened its digital privacy policies.

A very interesting read and something to keep in mind from a personal privacy perspective.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/calls-to-limit-restrictions-on-use-of-personal-data-in-australia/news-story/d68e01989f8c9ca4789df8ba5eb6ec71

Unusual Technological Products


There have been a few futuristic and somewhat questionable inventions created by Google, Apple and Samsung. See below for a selection of the strangest.

Germ Killer

Microsoft filed a patent in 2011 for automatic smartphone disinfectant which used a UV light to disinfect surfaces.

Sony’s Smart Wig

Sony has developed a smart wig that connects to your smartphone and vibrates when you receive a call. Just in case you want an additional way in which you are alerted to a phone call.

Microphone Tattoo

If you find holding your phone to your ear while you chat a nuisance Motorola filed a patent for a throat tattoo microphone. If you are willing to use one of course.

Google’s Eye Implant

Google designed an eye implant that sits on the surface of your iris bringing the smartphone menu right onto the eye itself.

Wink, Wave and Unlock

Apple has developed technology where a click of your finger to your ear will answer a call or waving up and down can change the volume. We could even unlock it by giving a wink or a smile.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/inventions/google-apple-and-samsung-are-have-had-some-ideas-for-chilling-technology-products/news-story/aad6858d410ea6b950752124370a0063

Noise Cancelling Headphones


With the world being the noisy and distracting place it is today it is no surprise that the demand for noise cancelling headphones is on the rise. Noise cancelling headphones work to block out all external noise allowing you to listen to your book or perhaps music anywhere noise free.

If you are a seasoned traveler you would know that these headphones are a life saver, canceling out not only passenger noise but also aircraft noise.

The Sony MDR-1000X headphones are said to be the best on the market and when tested out proved to diminish all noise from the airplane including a crying child a few rows behind. The high-tech headphones work via wireless connections and boast several features to enhance their effectiveness including high resolution audio up scaling, ambient sound noise, the ability to shut of the noise canceling feature and can also be used as a hands-free kit for mobile phones.

These types of headphones seem to be the way to go and well worth it if you are willing to pay the RRP of $699.95.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/home-entertainment/audio/how-does-the-noise-cancelling-technology-in-headphones-work/news-story/c35af9fb07f5232dde7a18ba722472fd

Be Aware Before you Update your iPhone with Apple’s iOS 10.3 Version.


You will need to perform a backup before upgrading your iPhone with the latest update later this month. Apple iOS 10.3 promises to deliver a variety of new updates however one component of this update has the potential to devastate users if data and files are not backed up.

The main factor causing this is the introduction of a new file system replacing its 29-year-old predecessor known as HFS+.  Upon performing this update your phone will automatically convert to the new filing system but if something were to go wrong you may see your old files disappear.

Although this might sound risky the new filing system will be a huge improvement on the old version allowing for stronger encryption, accurate time stamps and optimization for solid state storage.

Please see full article  for instructions on how to perform a backup of your data. Click the link below.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/gadgets/mobile-phones/apples-ios-103-update-could-result-in-you-losing-all-of-your-data-if-you-do-not-perform-a-back-up/news-story/0b7cbc4755566767162d1e2e59774f19

Nike has Developed Self-Lacing Shoes.


Nike has developed an interesting technological advancement by releasing their $950 self-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers.

Tiffany Beers, Nike’s senior innovator was recruited to mastermind this technology and with no budget or timeline it has consumed 13 years of her life.

The technology works by using a sensor, battery, motor and cable system located in each shoe. When a foot is placed in the shoe they step on sensor and the shoes are told to auto lace based on an algorithm pressure equation.

This self-lacing shoe is a work in progress and Ms. Beers is only looking to improve this piece of technology going forward.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/inventions/nikes-selflacing-hyperadapt-10-sneakers-took-13-years-and-an-unlimited-budget-to-create/news-story/95b2070e6d10df319c7d8075ef768a71

New Apple Headquarters.

Apple Headquarters

April is the month set for Apple employees to start ‘boarding’ their new futuristic ‘spaceship’ campus. The late Steve Jobs envisaged this new campus as the “centre for creativity and collaboration” as well as innovation for generations to come.

Featuring a ring shaped main building with giant panels of curved glass this design is intended to blend work space and parkland. The building, powered by renewable energy, features a fitness center, foot paths, research labs, visitors center and an orchard.

Apple celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. It is incredible to see how far this company has come since its inception in Steve Job’s garage. Apple has most certainly become one of the world leaders in technological advancements.

Source: http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/design/apple-spaceship-headquarters-readies-for-boarding/news-story/3addb3e610463a0fa5cadf9004d9b90a