Top 10 Kids GPS Tracking Smartwatches 2018

As my children get older and their need for freedom is growing I have been on the look out for a cool GPS Tracking device to appease my mind and calm my nerves, mostly for when we travel but also to allow them to call for help in an emergency.

Since new smartwatch technology seems to emerge on an almost constant basis, we’ve found a great site that has put together a list of some of the most modern GPS tracking tech on the market. Each of these options comes with a range of great software and features that make it well-worth considering for 2018.

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Shareholders urge Apple to address child smartphone addiction concerns

Two major Apple investors have urged the iPhone maker to help curb smartphone addiction among children, highlighting growing concern about the effects of gadgets and social media on youngsters

Among their proposals to Apple: establish a committee of experts, including child development specialists; offer Apple’s “vast information resources” to researchers; and enhance mobile device software so that parents have more options to protect their children’s health.

The letter cited various studies on the negative effects of smartphones and social media on children’s mental and physical health.

Examples include distractions by digital technologies in the classroom, a decreased ability of students to focus on educational tasks, and higher risks of suicide and depression.

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The nine best apps for your new iPhone

No matter what model, you’re going to need some cool apps to download onto your iphone. Fortunately, The Verge have already done the hard work for you and put together the best apps to get started with.

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Can computers do a better job of marking assessments than teachers?

Last Friday state ministers considered a proposal by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority – or Acara – to introduce robo-marking next year. What do you think? Can computers could do a better job of marking assessments than teachers?

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Cool Christmas Gifts for the Tech-lover

Do you need to shop for a gadget-obsessed friend or family member? 

Unwrapping a gadget on Christmas morning brings out the kid in all of us – there’s something about a new techy toy that encourages us to spend hours discovering what it can do. This site has taken the hard work out of thinking what to buy your tech lover friend or family member….or maybe just an early Christmas present for yourself?

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Paying with Your Face

Face-detecting systems in China now authorise payments, provide access to facilities, and track down criminals. Will other countries follow?

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How your electric car could be ‘a virtual power station’


If electric cars really are the future, where is all the electricity to power them going to come from?

There are currently more than a billion vehicles on the road worldwide, 38 million of them registered in the UK. The overwhelming majority run on petrol or diesel.

But the world is changing.

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