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Just Say No to Push Notifications

App makers are out to capture our attention with reminders and alerts on our phones’ lock screens.

Our attention has become such a precious commodity that apps, social networks and, news outlets have deployed infuriating numbers of pop-ups to conquer it.

Whether you have an Android or iPhone, there are two places you control your notifications. Read more about it here

Microsoft ordered to let third parties scrape LinkedIn data

Microsoft – the parent company of LinkedIn – has been told by a USA court that its users are legally allowed to have their data scraped by third party companies, despite the company claiming it violates privacy laws.

A report by Wall Street Journal claims that the ruling made by the judge is part of a lawsuit brought out by hiQ Labs. This is a young startup which works to analyse the data of LinkedIn to estimate whether their workers are likely to leave jobs or not. hiQ was previously ordered by Linkedln to stop with the scraping of its data, so the startup hit back with a raging lawsuit.


Is your Business vigilant when it comes to cyber security?

The widespread WannaCry ransomware attack that occurred in early May 2017 shocked both large corporates and SMEs.

The ransomware seeked to hijack the victim’s computer and encrypt files in many companies and public services all over the world. What this showed, is that we are indeed all vulnerable. The question now is, what can we do about it?

What should you do to keep the numbers low:

1.    Your IT systems must be patched against the vulnerability which makes the infection possible.

2.    Raise the awareness. Ensure that everyone in your organization knows NOT to open any suspicious email attachments or links. Some reports are warning about malicious advertisements in web sites too.

What should you do if your organisation is infected:

1.  Disconnect from the network and shut down

2. If your not sure what do  – ask an IT expert.






Australia needs to embrace, not fear, automation.

Automation comes in funny ways and is often so blindingly obvious we don’t even notice it as we adapt. Consider ATMs, which have replaced bank tellers, or apps that provide airline boarding passes.

While we may be far from a world where machines will replace all working humans, automation will help people work smarter and will give rise to new kinds of workers.

According to The Age newspaper, Over the past 15 years, Australians have reduced the amount of time spent on physical and routine tasks at work by two hours each week thanks to automation.


Westpac puts $40m into zipMoney

Alternative credit provider lands big bank backing.

buy now pay later

Westpac has taken a $40 million stake in listed fintech firm zipMoney, which provides credit that can be used for online and in-store purchases.

What is zipMoney?

zipMoney is a simple and convenient way to help you pay for things without needing the cash upfront or a credit card. When you sign up and are approved , you’ll receive an initial line of credit.

You’re then able to use zipMoney during the checkout process of any participating zip merchant. In addition, you have a default three-month window where you’re able to make repayments completely interest free.

Is it for you?


NBN Co to upgrade high-traffic transit routes

NBN Co. has been given the task of taking Australia to the next level in terms of fast internet. Australia isn’t even in the top 50 internet connections in the world! It is good to see that as the network is growing, NBN Co. are putting measures in place to ensure that the network doesn’t get slower as the take up increases around Australia (as was the case with Cable internet, when it was first introduced in the 1990s). Hopefully by the end of this role out, Australia creeps into the top 50 at least!

New iPhone 8 Rumours

iPhone 8
The new iPhone is not far away (announcement September 2017). Apple has promised fair few advancements for us including, 5.8″ edge to edge display, glass body, no home button, wireless charging, and many more!

Read more about it here.

Why Apple wants your old iPhone


Apple has divulged its future for all its products and it is amazing. It’s 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report details its plans to manufacture all its products with 100% renewable or recyclable materials.

Apple wants to form a ‘closed loop supply chain’ for aluminum, copper, tin and tungsten with hopes to stop mining the earth altogether.

Since 2016 Apple has been using its recycling robot to extract recyclable materials from iPhones. In addition to this Apple’s new headquarters uses 100% renewable energy for solar, hydro and wind sources. Apple also claims 99% of its packaging comes from materials sourced from protected sustainable forests.

This is a win for the environment!


Gadgets of the Month.


Fingerprints will be our most vital tool for security with Mastercard now having unveiled a new bio-metric payment security system. With this technology, fingerprints will now be used to confirm identity upon payment of good/services bought.

Otomos, a Japanese designed iPhone case that automatically shuts down your iPhone when you have been using it for too long is now on the market. Although we think we may be able to exercise self-control in regards to phone usage this gadget obviously serves to instill strict boundaries.

Cameras have come leaps and bounds in design and convenience to combat competition from smart phones. They are light weight and easy to use and pose the benefit of not having to worry about battery issues and pesky storage reminders.


Flying Cars to become a Reality.

Flying Cars

It looks unimaginable or simply the work of science fiction but flying cars could be a reality as soon as next year. Two prototypes were trialed on Thursday on the French Riviera at an event in Monaco. Both the Dutch and Slovak companies unveiled their designs at this ‘super cars’ event.

The Slovak design is six meters long and with a fully deployed span of nine meters. It is ‘normal’ four-wheel car which can unfold its wings to transform itself into a plane. This plane can carry two passengers.

The Dutch design is more compact at four meters long. This car/plane can also carry two people with designers calling it the safest plane on the planet and able to fly in any weather conditions.

The hefty price tag these designs come with means that you won’t see these flying around your local street just yet. However, it is an exciting development nonetheless.


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