Be Aware Before you Update your iPhone with Apple’s iOS 10.3 Version.


You will need to perform a backup before upgrading your iPhone with the latest update later this month. Apple iOS 10.3 promises to deliver a variety of new updates however one component of this update has the potential to devastate users if data and files are not backed up.

The main factor causing this is the introduction of a new file system replacing its 29-year-old predecessor known as HFS+.  Upon performing this update your phone will automatically convert to the new filing system but if something were to go wrong you may see your old files disappear.

Although this might sound risky the new filing system will be a huge improvement on the old version allowing for stronger encryption, accurate time stamps and optimization for solid state storage.

Please see full article  for instructions on how to perform a backup of your data. Click the link below.


Nike has Developed Self-Lacing Shoes.


Nike has developed an interesting technological advancement by releasing their $950 self-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers.

Tiffany Beers, Nike’s senior innovator was recruited to mastermind this technology and with no budget or timeline it has consumed 13 years of her life.

The technology works by using a sensor, battery, motor and cable system located in each shoe. When a foot is placed in the shoe they step on sensor and the shoes are told to auto lace based on an algorithm pressure equation.

This self-lacing shoe is a work in progress and Ms. Beers is only looking to improve this piece of technology going forward.


New Apple Headquarters.

Apple Headquarters

April is the month set for Apple employees to start ‘boarding’ their new futuristic ‘spaceship’ campus. The late Steve Jobs envisaged this new campus as the “centre for creativity and collaboration” as well as innovation for generations to come.

Featuring a ring shaped main building with giant panels of curved glass this design is intended to blend work space and parkland. The building, powered by renewable energy, features a fitness center, foot paths, research labs, visitors center and an orchard.

Apple celebrated its 40th anniversary last year. It is incredible to see how far this company has come since its inception in Steve Job’s garage. Apple has most certainly become one of the world leaders in technological advancements.


Nokia 3310 is Making a Return


The rumor of the return of the ‘unbreakable’ Nokia 3310 is creating a buzz in the technology world. A modern version of the 3310 will be launched this month in Barcelona.

In addition to its unbreakable reputation this phone was able to last 55 hours on standby which is something the modern smartphone struggles to rival.

The new modern version of the 3310 would need to be compatible with a modern day SIM cards, the 4G network and modern messaging standards all without losing the durability and battery life.


Apparently Australians are not Ready for Super-Fast Broadband.


An interesting statement has been made by the National Broadband Network company. Apparently Australians are just not ready for super-fast broadband speed and would not utilise it even if it was offered for free. This has to be false!

NBN’s reasoning is the demand levels are not high enough to utilise these faster speeds. It has also been revealed that NBN retail service providers trailed super-fast speeds but decided not to offer it.

Australia is currently ranked 51 in the world for internet speed. Currently sitting behind even New Zealand.  However, it seems that a flawed pricing model within the NBN company has seen demand for these speeds drop. This model makes it more attractive for retail suppliers to offer slower speeds.

Construction of the NBN network is set to ramp up in metropolitan areas this year.



Apple Delivers Record Quarter with Switch to Dual-lens iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7

The new dual-lens camera which the iPhone 7 Plus features has served to drive sales to a record high. The prediction from Apple that the iPhone 7 Plus would suffer due to the dumping of the head phone jack was unnecessary. It seems the dual-lens camera has more than made up for this.

In addition to the iPhone 7 Plus driving sales, Mac sales have also increased with the release of the MacBook Pro.

Apples only concern is now the iPad which has seen declining sales over a three-year period. Perhaps the bigger iPhone 7 Plus is now replacing the need for the iPad.


Australia to use Facial Recognition Technology to Replace Passports


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection is aiming to do away with the need for passports at its airports and instead use bio-metric recognition of the face, iris and or fingerprints. This new technology could see international arrivals speed through air side without ever interacting with a human official.

The Government wants this new system in place in the next three years with numerous benefits filtering through to travelers. There is a planned trial for this technology in July in Canberra with Melbourne and Sydney trialed in November.

Little tip however, do not leave your passport at home as you will still need it for certain parts of your trip.


2017 Technology Trends

robot image

2017 promises to accelerate the rate of change from a technology perspective. There are a few trends that stand out from the pack.

Cybersecurity will dominate in 2017 as most technological innovations could be undermined by data theft, fraud and cyber propaganda. The 2016 hacking of the US Presidential Election is proof of how prevalent this issue is. The more connected the world becomes the more opportunities for hackers to create havoc. November 2016 saw Telco bank lose $2.5m as a result of hacking.

It is all about Artificial Intelligence in 2017. AI underpinned by natural language processing, neural networks and machine learning will understand how humans think, talk and categories concepts making it smarter and easier to interact with.

2017 is likely to see more businesses delve into Augmented and Virtual Reality. Marketing options are endless and obvious. BMW have joined with Accenture and Google Tango to create an app that lets customers visualize car models and how they would look in real world situations.

Automation has and will have large impacts on the labour force but is set to be a topic of conversation over 2017. The founder of subscription technology platform Zuora stated “We’re going to have to figure out how to create jobs for people in this new economy and if there are literally going to be fewer jobs than we will need to establish some sort of living standard or basic income for people.


Village Roadshow going after Breaches of Copyright.

Illegal Downloads

Village Roadshow has sent a harsh warning to Aussie pirates, continuing its push against pirating by blocking ISP’s of popular piracy websites.

Village Roadshow has previously, after a landmark case, managed to block websites Solar Movie, Torrentz, TorrentHound and IsoHunt in Australia by ISP’s like Telstra and Optus. This victory opened the door for a major crackdown on websites hosting illegal streaming services.

Although this may sound troubling it is widely known that the overall success of site blocking applications is far from easy with a number of ways around the applications.

The above victory was viewed as nothing more than a PR stunt with calls for Illegal downloading to be addressed through the issues of availability and reasonable pricing.


Super-fast Phone Speeds Set to Hit Australian Shores.


A world first in Australia? Australians might be amongst the first in the world to access super-fast 5G phone speeds as the country’s biggest telco leads an international push to speed up the next-generation network. A trial will be set for during the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

With a 5G connection users could potentially download 4000 high definition movies at once.  This is an amazingly large jump in phone speed.

Telstra CEO Andy Penn attended a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week in order to accelerate the development of a 5G standard. Attending this show was a key part of positioning Telstra as a “world-class technology company”.

The technology is unlikely to be ready until 2020.  However, a pre standard trial in Australia at the 2018 Commonwealth Games is the perfect time to perform this test and will hopefully bring this new network to our shores quicker.